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End-of-life planning, comfort, and care should NOT be cost prohibitive.  Service fees can be modified on a sliding scale and pro-bono cases are always on-going. 

To inquire about fees and rates, please email us at or call 248-736-0843


Initial Consult

  • 1 hour meet and greet
  • Overview of services, contract, rates

Advanced Directives Planning

Series of 2 in-person meetings (2x 1-2hrs)

  • Review advanced directive guidelines for NC – living will, DNR, POA, etc.
  • Discuss and outline end of life wishes and choices
  • Review formalized plans

Vigil Planning

Series of 3 in-person meetings (3x 1-2hrs)

  • Create vigil plan (physical, emotional, spiritual comforts)
  • Follow client’s on-going progress via weekly check-ins
  • Initiate action plan with family when imminent death is anticipated
  • Electronic access 24/7

Vigil Planning PLUS Legacy Work

Series of 8 in-person meetings (8x 1-2hrs)

  • All aspects of the Vigil Planning (3 meetings)
  • PLUS legacy work:  
  • Life review & deepening meaning
  • brainstorm & develop legacy project(s) with client or client’s support system
  • support execution and creating of legacy project(s)
  • provide a tangible legacy outcome/ memory artifact for family’s keeping

After Death Planning

Series of 2 in-person meetings (2x 1-2hrs)

  • Discuss post-death body care & ritual wishes
  • Overview of ceremony/funeral options
  • Outline of personal plan and resources to contact next
  • Electronic follow-up with care system after transition (1hr)

Bedside Vigil Support

Number of visits and duration of stay will vary

  • Daily visits during the active dying stages and through death
  • Continuous vigil support for client and family (around the clock from onset of imminent death)
  • Immediate Post-death body care and support for 1hr post transition
  • 3 & 6 week post-death follow-up with main support person (in-person or electronic)

Home Funeral

Series of 2 in-person planning meetings (2×1-2hrs) Plus 8 additional hours

After death planning package PLUS up to 8-hours of in-person support during a wake/home funeral/life celebration/burial. May include any of the following as needed:

  • Carrying for the body immediately after death
  • Preparing the body for home wake
  • On going body care during wake/home funeral 
  • Assisting with body transfer to burial transport
  • Grave-side support and assistance 

Caregiver & Client Custom-Support Package

Purchased in groups of 4 visits at 1.5hr each

  • We work together to create a custom tailored package to meet any remaining gaps in care.
  • respite
  • errands
  • companionship
  • other support services not already included in other offered packages

Complete Transition package

Includes all services in the Vigil Planning, After Death Planning, Bedside Vigil Support, and Home Funeral packages.

To inquire further please email us at

or call 248-736-0843

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